1. malicious, spiteful, vicious, cruel, malevolent; unjustifiable, groundless, needless, unnecessary; unmotivated, uncalled-for, unprovoked, gratuitous.
2. deliberate, willful, calculated; headstrong, fro-ward, perverse, contrary, refractory, intractable, unmanageable, fractious, wayward, unruly.
3. careless, disregardful, mindless; reckless, rash, precipitate, hasty, heedless; inconsiderate, irresponsible, devil-may-care; thoughtless, capricious, arbitrary.
4. lewd, lecherous, lubricous, satyric, satyrlike, goatish, ruttish, Sl. horny; lustful, randy, Sl. hot or hot for, Scot. cadgey; concupiscent, prurient, libidinous, salacious; carnal, sensual, voluptuous, erotic; licentious, loose, Cyprian, abandoned, incontinent, intemperate; debauched, rakish, rakehell, dissolute, dissipated, profligate; promiscuous, whorish, of easy virtue, Sl. cheap, shameless; immodest, impure, unchaste, unvirtuous.
5. luxurious, opulent, sumptuous, costly, rich, posh, lavish, extravagant.
6. profligate, rake, rakehell, roue-, libertine, debauchee, dissipater, Inf. rip; voluptuary, sensualist, sybarite, hedonist; reprobate, degenerate, pervert, sodomite, bugger; lecher, satyr, Pathol. satyromaniac; philanderer, lover, lover boy, seducer, playboy, womanizer, wencher, Sl. stud, Don Juan, Casanova, Lo-thario; whoremonger, pander, pimp, procurer.
7. hussy, harlot, whore, demirep, slut, Jezebel, co-cotte, demimondaine, Inf. pick-up, Pathol. nymphomaniac, Sl. bitch, Sl. broad, Sl. chippy; prostitute, lady of the evening, woman of the profession, Fr. fille de joie. trollop, strumpet, Archaic. wench, trull, drab, quean, painted woman, woman of the streets, streetwalker, bar girl, call girl, Sl. cat, Sl. tart, Sl. hustler, Sl. bim, Sl. moll, Sl. hooker, Sl. floozie, Brit. Sl. bird, Mexican Sl. caliente; paramour, courtesan, mistress, concubine, kept woman, Sl. doxy; flirt, light-o'-love, coquette, minx.
8. dissipate, debauch, indulge, pursue pleasure, live fast, be dissolute; be promiscuous, wench, whore, Sl. sleep around, lecher, Sl. letch.
9. squander, waste, misspend, fritter away, be prodigal.

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